The CCV Alliance was informed about yet another major HOA lawsuit being filed against SPECIFIC BOARD MEMBERS in the prestigious 136 unit Malibu Bay Club (Case#Case Number: 56-2010-00374836-CU-MC-VTA  Case Title: Gelberd et al., v. Sandbach et al.)

 The complaint alleges that Board President and certain disloyal Board Members "Control Group" hired Adams Kessler, PLC to advice them how to hide everything in "executive sessions" and more. The Board Members overpaid Adrian J Adams, Esq and hired family members and friends contractors in an alleged attempt to self-benefit from self-dealing. [ Similar story happened at Cross Creek Village]. Our old friend , ruthless harasser Adrian J Adams, Esq, is mentioned in the Complaint but was not sued (yet) directly, pending discovery in the above entitled case.  This is the same Adrian J Adams, Esq who got kicked out of Cross Cross Creek Village for engineering election fraud and harassing homeowners and certain Board Members.  As it appears, Adrian J Adams, Esq is on the radar of several diligent attorneys willing to go all the way to put him on the Fast Track for disbarment.  If you have any personal knowledge about this troubling condo lawyer, please contact attorney Lottie Cohen, 3637 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034-4883. We are fully supporting all legal efforts to use available evidence regarding Adams' ruthless intimidation, over billing, harassment, and more in favor of disbarring Mr. Adrian J. Adams, Esq as soon as possible. 

Speaking about disbarment of unethical lawyers, the CCV Alliance was recently informed abut another overdue referral being filed with California BAR Chief Trial Counsel. Referral was made due to his alleged misconduct  at Cross Creek Village HOA by a Santa Clarita attorney Raymond Szu - click on the picture to the right to enlarge!  David McGrath hired this avid poker player and lawyer to torment and harass specific homeowners tso o please David and his next door neighbour Jen Meldola because they dislike certain national backgrounds and religion and because this homeowners asked why is David McGrath receiving HOA money? 

The investigation is pending and we hope to see the alleged abusers of HOA position properly reprimanded.

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  1. DO you have any recommendations for a good hoa management firm to use? Any insight would be appreciated!