Just as the words of convicted swindler Bernie Madoff were apparently quite convincing to many people who were regarded as knowledgeable and sophisticated... the words of David A. McGrath was convincing to those of us who could not see at the time  that his perfidious goal was to use lies and knowledge of others to put himself in power instead of Neda Firouz. - Check that 'foxy' smile!

SOURCE:Hollywood Park Casino website. - Click to Enlarge!.

CHEF'S FRAUD: - TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this man laying on the gambling table - This is DAVID A. McGRATH, Cross Creek Village "Charlatan" who in order to get elected "Board Member" resorted blatantly to LYING to homeowners in his Election Bio and when he knocked on their doors and asked for signatures. - [see "bio" below]

While LYING is only a small element of "FRAUD", lying is still morally and ethically wrong and we do NOTwant immoral and unethical people serving on the HOA Board and handling our money! Period. 

Below you will find several question received from CCV residents:

Q: Why did David need to lie to us and other Board Members?
A: Because he desperatly wants to be recognized as a leader he is not capable of being because he lacks knowledge, experience, and credibility, for starters.

Q: Why is he called: "MAN WHO LIES A LOT"
A: Because David McGrath's PERFIDIOUS CHICANERY posing, and sharp practice goes well beyond the bounds of legitimacy. What David is good at is conning and convincing people he is something he is NOT.

A: According to few first hand witnesses, David McGrath went door-to-door to hustle residents to sign his predated proxy. The objective of this "sharp practice" was (1) to block the other Board candidates  from obtaining signature from the same person on a later day, which would invalidate David's proxy, and (2) to cheat election director into believing the proxy was signed on the day of election.

Q: What are David's Motives and Intention Behind Such Practice?
A: According to his “former friends”, which he deceptively used to further his purpose, David became very excited when he learned that Neda Firouz was skimming substantial amount of money in cooperation with her contractor BINO, and Board President Madeleine Short and Pat Smith. Instantly, when he recognize how easy was for Neda to steal from HOA David's eyes glared and he proclaimed “ I want to be the Board President”. For months thereafter David went relentlessly door to door, luring homeowners into giving him support on false pretexts. In his words, he “never took his eyes of the ball”.

Q: So, what Hollywood Casino Cheff David A. McGrath wants is his hands on our money, right?
A: Think for a moment, - why would a man in Financial Distress and whose mortgage is in "upside down" possition want to "fight like a tiger" for a non paying job? It doesn't make any sence untill you put into equation that position comes with control of  HOA's $2.5Mill budget, which in good part goes on contractors who are gratefull for the job, thus the kick-backs! The only logical answer  why David wants to "work for free" when he needs money is because he hopes he will gett some and no one will knows.
Q: Does David A. McGrath have a job?
A: Apparently,Taro hired "talented" Chef David McGrath some years ago and he sees to it that the gambling patrons are well-fed with tableside service for breakfast, lunch or dinner 24 hours a day!  Never the less, David admits he gambles a lot with his girlfriend Margarete Santoro and as usually happens, "lady luck" is not a very "loyal girl". Gamblers tends to lose a lot of  money. So, it is reasonable to assume that his Financial woes are only exuberated by such unhealthy habit. As such, David is logical threat to HOA and our accounts.

Q: Was Mr. David McG... (?)  a CCV Allinace member?
A: Yes, he was at some point, but since he was doing bad things and was giving "the allianace" the bad name he got  kicked out! This engered David very much.  This when David begun lobbying his first door neighbours,Victoria Dolceamore and Jen Meldola to become his "Group" by badmouthing other alliance members.

For the record: "The Alliance" looks after the best interest of all homeowners. Since David didn't care about  anything else but his own interest and how to get in power, we did not want to be associated with him. .

Q: How he plans to  pilfer our money?
A: David admitted to having a plan to copy "How to Steal" Neda Firouz blueprint. David's plan was to start changing vendors as soon as he gets on the Board of Directors,  in hope that new vendors will offer him kick-backs. This appears to be all David wants and needs in order to recuperate his investment in down payment before his up side down mortgage is 'dumped" and befree he moves out closer to his job in Inglewood, where rents are more affordable.

A: But of course he did, 'selling' is David's forte: Election Bio Lie No 1: Many beleive that David  misrepresented to homowners that he holds "degree in business administration" from FU (Florida University) but when we asked him to show his diploma, he would NOT.  Earlier, David admitted that he first attended PSTS ("Philadelphia School of Tough Streets ").. and then he went to a school for "COOKS".

Election Bio Lie No 2: David lied when he said he has “twenty years of experience in managing luxury hotels and casinos”.

Election Bio Lie No 3: David said  he manages “thousands of employees”, which is... you guessed right ...nothig but the "hot air" and delusion David McGrath is full of, once you get to know him!

When questioned recently, David McGrath admited to Insurance investigator that he was Born May 9, 1972. If Born in 1972 David was only 17 twenty years ago! Now, how many of you do really believe David was a “luxury Hotel Manager” at age of 17?

Yes, the conclusion that he LIED is there, thus the nick “MAN WHO LIES A LOT”!  - Bottom Line: We ask David to apologize to CCV homeowners by RESIGNING IMMEDIATELYWe need this to prevent possible damage to the association.

Q: Did David McGrath really threatened to shoot Guard Jackson for removing his flyers?
A: According to an eyewitness - Yes, David threatened Security Guard Jackson in February 2009 and then caused Cross Creek Village Security Guard Jackson to be transferred after storming into security office and flat out threatened to shoot him at his place of work for removing his flyers posted all over the complex.
Concerned Cross Creek Village Residents AVOID David McGrath because he owns guns and has threatened to shoot people with his hand gun/s.
HARASSMENT OF VENDORS: HOA minutes show David also harassed our accountant Mr. Tevlin. David  is not a person we need on the HOA Board. He first cheeted us to get on Board and now that he is on the Board he is now abusing power and is wasting OUR MONEY to keep advanicng his personal agenda.

To imitate Pat Smith and Neda Firouz, David apperently hired his own lawyer harasser to harass residents who flat out don't like David and who think and share the opinion that David is a CROOK and the liability for the complex, which the Board must eliminate ASAP. 

Q: Is it true that David A. McGrath likes to manufacture FRAUDULENT DECLARATIONS to hurt his oponents and that he even worked with Adrian Adams, Esq, his own declared enemy, and Adams' "side-kick" Karen Nagad, Esq, on prepairing a fraudulent declaration that helped admitted vandal Tracy Templin stay employed at Cross Creek Village after he ruined two of the resident's cars!  

A: Yes! Very Imoral Person, David  A. McGrath declared many times to hate Adrian J. Adams, Esq and his sidekick Karen Nagad,Esq and Neda Firouz. But then, because he evidently hate more and more people, and when it serves his own purpose he works “hand in glow” with his enemies to hurt his enemies. These who know David reportedly think he is a "smooth talking menace with no scruple", who only seek to satisfy his own needs. - Just read all the posted comments!

False Testimonies: David also admitted to testifying falsely against Food and Beverage Union Workers (FBUW) on behalf of his employer so he can get few extra benefits for hiself, out of his employer on expence of poore worker who is to be hired based on David's LIES! 

Stealing: David Admits to take kickbacks from Hollywood Park beverage vendors who service Inglewood Casino. If he takes kickbacks from these vendors why should we assume he will not do the same here at Cross Creek Village vendors?
All the Honest Board Members who does not intend to collaborate with David into secureing themselves a snug and unassailable position from which they can work "hand in glove" with vendors to their mutual financial benefit, MUST WATCH David and must inform each vendor that CCV HOA does NOT allow kick-backs!

ONE MUST KEEP IN MIND that David is master in conning people. His forte is to convince you that he is your “buddy” so he can use you for his own purpose  - We remember how he used nice homeowners like Lucy Cho to help him post flyers all over the complex and then when he did not need her anymore he dumped her and ignored her. - Everyone who trusted David once ended up disappointed!  

Click to enlarge David’s declaration against Karen Nagad, Esq. Karen Nagad, Esq was Adrian J Adams', Esq lawyer. Adams' and  harassed female resident by suing her, lost the case then confronted her and called her "mental patient".

David AGAIN signed a fraudulent declaration in the Restraining Order case against crack using HOA maintenance worker Tracy Templin, who admitted to vandalizing resident’s vehicles in HOA's upper B garage on behalf of CCV former manager Neda Firouz. In doing so, DAVID KNOWINGLY HELPED THE CRIMINAL in this complex, for which reason he should be asked to resign immidatly before he manage to cause this comunity any substantial damage.

If you have personal experience with David McGrath, you are welcome to provide additional comments.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    David knocked at our door a few months ago and told us he will lower our HOA dues $50.00 if we vote for him to get him on the Board. Now he doesn’t even want to talk to us. We will never again vote for David as he is clearly not a trustworthy person.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    David McGrath was first friendly with “CCV Alliance” then he start making his own group with intention to take over the Board 4:3 but when everyone read him for what he is, David “the flipper” flipped again and is now “sucking up” to Pat Smith and her group in hope she will accept him. What a creep!

    Some call him “flipper” some call him “switch hitter” because David has no integrity and would sell his mother to the highest bidder to get to HOA cash, one way or the other.

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Is that really David's picture? He told me he worked in finance and once worked on Wall Street. I did not know he was a cook.

  4. Anonymous8:44 PM

    David McGrath was the most aggressive “CCV Alliance” member. David went recklessly "over the line" by harassing Neda, her sister, Guard Jackson, even Adrian J Adams, Esq. He absolutely hated all of them because they sent him harassing letters and published Margaret Santoro's name in a letter to all homeowners. This "fueled" him and made David dream about retaliating.

    With his juvenile "mafia" history on the streets of Philadelphia,he admits this is the reason why he moved all the way to California. David McGrath is a person YOU TOTALLY WANT TO AVOID!!!

    When CCV Alliance “kicked him out” David McGrath professed he will get even. David’s trick is to get close to you and then stab you in the back. David is now getting friendly with Pat Smith and Mark Montgomery in hope he will down the line take over their group and control of homeowner's money.

    Truly, David Mcgrath has no integrity and would sell his own "wife" Margaret Santoro (who like an idiot, put him on title as secondary owner) to the highest bidder to get to HOA CASH, one way or another.

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Why did Cross Creek Village homeowner's association let David Mcgrath on the Board of Directors when he obviously lied in his bio?

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  7. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Huh, we kinda assumed something is fishy with that guy....! David is our neighbor in building “J”… When you see him bounce back and forth while he walks you cannot avoid but to think that he suffers from some sort of ... disorder(?)!

    He came to our door three times prior to HOA election and he got very mad when we would not sign his paper … we would not open our door if he comes tu bug us again!

    This guy is so obviously a charlatan and a liar!

  8. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Charlatan and a Liar? No, David McGrath is a pathological lier, charlatan and a liar. Period.

    He plays you by telling you what he thinks you wish to hear and never does what he says.

    I have three advices for these who meet David McGrath: 1) Avoid, 2) Avoid and 3) Avoid!

  9. Anonymous10:21 AM

    When it comes to David "The Liar" this say: “One bad apple spoils the bunch” governs.

    The Board must demand David McGrath’s resignation. He lied to homeowners “fleet out" about his credentials desperately to get elected.

    Why does he want to be so badly on the Board of Directors if not because he thinks that being the HOA President will allow him to pick and choose the contractors and vendors according to how much they offer in kick-backs?

    That's not only selfish but is also very crook. If he lies about his credentials you legally and morally must assume that he lies about everything else.

    We are expecting the Board to send this message decisively!

  10. Anonymous7:32 PM

    David Mcgrath will lie and say anything about you to secure advantage for himself. He is a “Wolf in a Sheep's Skin” … AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

  11. Anonymous4:23 PM

    we were planning to buy a condo in your association. it seems that you guys had lots of problems last year. do you still have them? thx

  12. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Sure we do! Just read the above....

  13. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Cross Creek Village aren't the only people he's screwing...