The information provided in the recently received flyer (left) are consistent with the findings we reported to you in the last six months.

While the shoddy quality of the Bino,Inc work was obvious to an idiot, and while multiple complaints kept purring in about Neda Firouz, Adrian J Adams, Esq, Patricia Smith and Madeleine Short who was at this time the President, instead of stopping the financial onslaught, this group accelerated the depletion of our reserve accounts in anticipation that “Bino SCAM” will not last much longer. [Click on the picture of the $292.600.00 CHECK Below.]

Most of the approvals were secured by Pat Smith and Madeleine Short who worked closely with Neda Firouz, the HOA manager, because Bino, Inc was her contractor and the homeowner's money was coming from him. Eather Pat would propose outrageously high bid approval and Madeleine would secondit or vices versa. The scam went on for more then two years and if you look now in the corporate minutes you will find NO RECORD that that happend ever. To support Neda Firouz who brough in BINO, Pat and Madeleine also let Neda Firouz employ her own sister as her assitent without any compettition at $60,000/yr which was at least 30% more then average. Nina Kashefi still makes $60,000/yr which is outrageus for this economy. Please note that NO other candidates was ever evaluated and that is a clear nepotism.

Madeleine Short even got her good balcony fully remodeled and fitted top to bottom with CCV flowers and plants. The corruption in Cross Creek Village was so well hidden and managed, by primarily these three women and their lawyer and contractor, that when Alex Cvetkovich begun asking questions about the bad quality construction work and after he discovered large overpayments and he begun reporting/sending pictures to Board of Directors, Pat Smith immediately called her brigand lawyer Adrian J Adams, Esq to give him the task to silence “whistleblower”. On numerous occasions Adrian J Adams Esq threatened to sue Alex, engaged in outright defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, which according to his Superior Court Records are his specialty. Click here to see!

Adrian J Adams, Esq sent Alex over fifty (50) harassing and intimidating letters in a clear attempt to silence him and prevent him form discovering all bad acts which was going on in the Cross Creek Village Homeowner's Association.

In fear of legal repercussion, Pat Smith is now again at it trying to deprive Alex off his right to be the part of the Board of Directors after he received the MOST votes in the recen election. Again, our money is being waisted thanks to PAT SMITH, who is again in the epicenter of this unlawfull harassment together with HER LAWYER ADAMS!

PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT the net result of the “BINO SCAM & FRAUD” is outrageously devastating, both morally and financially. In less then two years Bino, Inc received over $1.5Mill of our money for work so substandard that it allready needs repair. Some of the checks were as high as $292,600, $206,000, etc. To block Alex Cvetkovich’s access to documents, pat Smith conspired to pay over $35,000 to Adrian J Adams, Esq to “defend association” against Alex’s Small Claims Court “lawsuits” filed with intent to ask court to compel HOA’s compliance with State Law and pertinent corporate statutes.

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