SHAME ON YOU KAREN NAGAD, ESQ: - "Electoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election", which you did knowingly at Cross Creek Village HOA to immorally obtain homeowners money in disregard for the rights of others!

We regret to inform you that ELECTION FRAUD has taken place at Cross Creek Village with a help of a morally devoid and unscrupulous lawyer KAREN NAGAD,Esq and ADRIAN J ADAMS, Esq. To conceal the FRAUD, the attempts are being made to hide from homeowners the true results of the HOA Board of Directors election and the FACT that one of the most prominent candidates received more votes then Patricia Smith and any other member but is now being denied his Board seat by deceitful onsite HOA manager Mark Montgomery who is known for his mendacious habit of lying.

Mark Montgomery's employment with previous employer HOA in Long Beach was teminated after only 11 months. Allegedly, this happend due to his temper and over the board combativeness, which no one needs in her back yard.

Mark is a contracted employee with NO authority to disqualify members. Mark is acting beyond the scope of his authority by catering to Pat Smith's vendettas that cost us a lot of money. her game and instructions are geared towards chanelling all powers to her clique (which most notably features Kolkey) and towards siphoning (again this year) tens of thousands of YOUR hard earned $$$ to an unethical HOA lawyer whos court documents shows he harassed Board member and Homeowners.

As a an employee of the HOA, Mark has no other power but to follow Board’s order, rather then orders of Patricia Smith and her lawyer Karen Nagad in time when Pat Smith was only member at large!!! Now add to that that Karen provide service which is in itself not legal and on top of that WITHOUT ANY Board’s authorization. As such, the new Board must NOT pay a dime to her, using OUR MONEY, especially not to advance Pat Smith's personal vendettas against her political oponets,duly elected by Cross Creek Village residents.

Patricia Smith is a "sweet-talking" lady, but her desire to rule The Board members instead of working with them on the equal level is not what legislators had in mind when they use phrase "The Board" everywhere in the statute!.

Pat is deceptively exerting authority by presenting her STORIES as validated by lawyer, WHICH DOESN'T TELL THEM is corrupt as much as it is to do bussines on behalf of us homeowners in such manner. And so is her trying to mislead our newly elected Board members that cheating in election to eliminate political oponenents is OK, because she prefers no skillfull oversight. Simply, Patricia Smith is very deceptive and she should be recognised as such!

Reader: “Tell us more about Pat Smith’s famous TRICKS and tactics she uses to neutralized Board members who are not the part of her clique”:

Pat's game is simple. She is using YOUR MONEY to hire unethical lawyer who doesn’t legally represents this complex by power of writen retainer and Board's vote. To be hired lawyer needs Board's approval and when she adviced Mark to fraudulently disqualify voter's favorite, Karen Nagad ESQ who works for Adrian J Adams was certainly NOT hired by proper Board vote recorded in HOA minutes, but by Patricia Smith using YOUR MONEY for her political vendetta with oponents.

By staging this Election Fraud, Patricia Smith will be directly responsible for all the legal cost Cross Creek will incur as a result of her bad-faith action.

THE FRAUD: “the smoking mirrors legality” of this FRAUD is being orchestrated by the unethical lawyer Karen Nagad Esq. Karen is working for widely disliked lawyer Adrian J Adams ESQ of Adams Kessler, PLC. She is writing nasty letters to residents under his signature to conceal her identity. According to witnesses, Karen Nagad is known as fabricator of evidence in court proceedings which is devastating for any lawyer credibility.

And who is Adams? Adams is former HOA manager turned lawyers who in a totally repugnant manner first represents then sues his clients. He did this with Long Beach HOA Vila Riviera and this court case is still pending.

According to numerous lawsuits filed against Adrian J Adams, Esqhis “legal” specialties apparently include harassment, malpractice, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.

Within Cross Creek Village, Adams has reportedly harassed several prominent members with dozens of intimidating letters, to deny them the right to see financial and large projects related financial documents. During fiscal year which ended June 30, 2009, Adams took tens of thousands of your dollars for often very unethical services thanks to his CCV sponsor Pat Smith. Why does Pat Smith unfaithfully shoveling tens of thousands of OUR MONEY on Adams are likely either kick backs and/or support for her personal vendettas or both. There is no other explanation for such abuse of office and clear breach of fiduciary.

Because so many HOA members hate to see Adams around, he did not show up this election this year. Instead, Karen Nagad (his alter ego) worked secretly with Pat Smith from the background and was paid by YOUR MONEY to provide “legal support” for election fraud ordered by Patricia Smith.

We regret to report to our Cross Creek Village neighbors that Mark Montgomery, our new manager is now not letting people see certified copy of the Election Results, which contravenes the law.

If you want to know why, feel free to CALL the office and ask Mark directly: (310) 821-7979. The results of HOA election should be available to all members according to law applicable in this state. If Mark don't show you the results, he will be violating your rights and we know, this is NOT GOOD!

Why is he doing this when transparency is promised? We believe he is doing this to satisfy Patrica Smith's desire to to conceal the fact that a homeowner who received more votes then her in this election is not on the posted HOA election list. That's preposterous. While one candidate's bio and nomination was taken via email other candidate’s bio was ignored even when he brought it at the office to Mark. In this state this has a name. The name is "DISCRIMINATION" which is illegal in all respects.

What concerns us here even more is that we did not get really good replacement for Neda Firouz, our former highly disliked manager. What Mark is doing now by arogantly dividing complex on 2 factions, management and members, is in our opinion very serious. Mark is reportedly also aiding and abetting election fraud and the only excuse he can have is “I was told to that by the Board”. This, in the eyes of any reasonable person is simply not cutting straight!

What is going on here is very sad:
HOA Corporate Housing, Inc." is a multi-billion dollar business run at the expense and liability of "Joe Homeowner". When Joe buys a home in an HOA, he has just taken on the task of becoming a full employment tool for the HOA industry. This industry includes lawyers, property managers, foreclosure and collection agents, developers, contractors, builders, Realtors and a plethora of maintenance services.

When some Joe starts asking questions, he risks exposing himself to fines, Board members power trips, other abuses, lawsuits and nightmares. To read the entire (great) story click -> here.

Gosh, we do not generally recommend suing anyone except as a last resort. However, when the Board is abusive and unresponsive and when owner's rights are at risk, things can really get nasty so you may have to take action! The economy certainly takes its toll on every one including elderly citizen who often love to serve on the Board, in more ways than even imaginable. Through the trickle down effect of foreclosures, lost jobs, higher costs in gas, utilities and even groceries, things get left undone, and the Board members, especialy these who :love" to serve for free year after year, resort to "other means" of making money. The neighborhoods and the democracy are at risk! Call the office today and ask for true results to be posted around.

Please email if you want to learn more about Cross Creek Village Election Fraud and about the plan to hit us with more assessments so more money can be shoveled to nasty lawyers by their “mole” seating on the new Board...