After unsuccessfully trying to replace all their vendors and after causing ongoing turmoil on the Board of Marina Pacifica HOA (Long Beach, CA) Mark Montgomery 'resigned' to avoid being FIRED.   (Please also note that allegedly, office stuff Jessica P. was getting ready to seeing lawyer because Mark Montgomery was harassing her daily to persuade her to quit her job - what a ruthless charachter!)

 Mark Montgomery got hired by Cross Creek Village curtsey of brigand attorney Adrian J Adams, Esq, who besidees of being a 'Esq' runs an  'Jobs for Managers' web site. (Click on the link to see it) Apperently Adams directed his subordiante Pat Smith, a shamless women, who is known as his 'cuppler' and Jonathan Kolkey who got no mind of his own, to give Mark the job regardless of his reputation.

For these of you who are not familiar with this Cross Creek Village ominous character, please be informed that among other things Adrain Adams did unethically, for the sake of making profit, was his ongoing support for CCV corruption. The previous Board who followed his corrupt instructions also paid Adams' shamelessly over $100,000 of our money, primarily for the service of harassing residents (e.g. Pat Smith, Kolkey and Peltomaa’s political opponents) who despised Pat Smith’s apparent “cappler” type of employment with Adrian Adams and her kick-back deal with BINO, which means she (and her cohorts)was getting percentage of each 'legal' bill Adams and BINO submitted to Cross Creek Village.

After changing three jobs in little over a year, and after lasting only 10 (or so) months at the Marina Pacifica and after allegedly being fired by previous employer ("PCM Management") , Mark Montgomery came to Playa Del Rey, CA in hope he can bamboozle members of Cross Creek Village! Not so FAST buddy!

 This CAI Trained veteran's alleged reputation is that he is TROUBLE MAKER" and a "HE CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH" (just like Pat Smith and David McGrath), we was told.

While we want to give Mark a chance and wish to welcome Mark Montgomery to our nice complex we would also like to give a bust to our HOA spirit with a gentlemanly question for all CCV members: What kind of mustaches do you think the CCV new manager Mark Montgomery wears?

We think he is typical "Box Car" or "Major" but would look better if he doesn color them along with his hair ... What do you think fellow Cross Creek Village HOA Memember? Please post your answers in the comments section of this blog-post!


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I would say "regent". Do you think he dyes his mustache?

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    "Regent" which resembles Adolf Hitler

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Every visitor so far said "Regent"... huh, we thought you will like Mr. Mongomery better..

  4. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Man, he got that nasty look on his face, he scares me! I went to the office to ask a question an he ignored me after giving me a nasty look… who hire this guy?

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    OMG, I went to the office today and saw mark a/k/a/ the creep, he looks mean and is very, very rude!

    Why the Board hired him? We don't need such bad people in our office... how much do we pay him?

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The word is … Patricia Smith and Jonathan Kolkey agree to pay this seriously immoral manager $106,000 of our money because Mark Montgomery quickly agreed to commit Election Fraud on their behalf… everyone now knows that in Cross Creek Village.

    The entire scam in which Mark gladly accepted to participate was about hiding Pat’s misappropriation of our founds and Mark was perfectly OK with that, for which reason he should be fired.

    By agreeing to perform illegal act Mark Montgomery proved he is a crook and Cross Creek Village is TIRED of paying crooks who only come here to take our money!

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    He is clearly "Regent" .. like Adolf Hitler... Why is he not fired?

    We don’t need to hire CAI trained creeps and liars and pay them $100K/yr to steal our money, we have our Board members who do that equally good for ‘free”!

    Some of them do that so nicely, you cannot even tell (e.g. Patricia Smith, according to rumors that echo louder and louder)!

    Mark is a crook and as such it should be let go!