The prize goes to Board members Fred Gharib, Brian Martin and Jen Mendola for taking decisive steps to eliminate drainage of our founds caused by disloyal activities of Board member Pat Smith A-1125.

We beleive that for many years Pat Smith was an Adrian J Adams' “employee” and a "cuppler" who collected in secrecy percentage from EACH "legal" bill Adams submited to HOA for bullying and harassing homeowner, other "legal" shenanigans or simply nothing.
To ensure that she and her cohorts were permanently installed on the Board in perpetuity by concocting bogus reasons for disqualifying alternative candidates at future elections, Pat Smith and Adrain J Adams, Esq came up with the new twisted “Member in Good Standing” policy, which is one of Pat's  latest tricks coming on the heels of her June 30, 2009 ELECTION FRAUD she staged in concert with  CAI trained manager Mark Montgomery and dishonest lawyer  Karen Nagad, Esq who reportedly harassed our residents and lied in court blatantly on top of fabricating evidence. This are all FACTS!

To discourage reading, Pat Smith presented proposed changes in "pale green typeface" hoping the current Board Members are stupid and would not “catch her drift”. She was wrong!

Pat’s "CC&R committee" coast us money and should be terminated in Oct 20th open sesion. With Pat Smith gone, the only treat to our founds left on the HOA Board of Directors is David Mcgrath. Read more below! 


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Wooo Hooo!! We killed two bad birds or should I say three (Karen Nagad, Adrian J Adams, Pat Smith) with one stone!!! TY Fred, Jan, and Brian for this. I do agree that Pat Smith had some type of monetary exchange with Adrian J Adams ESQ who does not appear to be working much lately... I wonder why....

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Former CAI trained manager turned "Evil Esquire" Adams’ and his sadistic “sidekick” Karen Nagad’s reputation is well documented in public forums and dozens of relative reader’s comments:



    Further Cleanup: “One bad apple spoils the bunch”. The Board must demand David McGrath’s resignation. He lied to homeowners “fleet out" about his credentials to get elected. That's not only selfish but is also very crook!If he lies about his credentials you legally and morally must assume that he lies about everything else.

    We are exepcting the Board to send this message decisively!

  3. Anonymous11:45 PM

    PAT SMITH loves the Board because it means income to her. And next to Kolkey, Peltonaa and Madeleine she could do whatever she darn wants for years, including making money with Adams on determent of all our neighbors.

    Pat Smith is also known as "Foxy Leach". This is because she is as conning as fox and blood suckingas hungry leach.

    Just as David Mcgrath lied to homeowners this year, (they are very similar) good writer Pat worked homeowner’s out as donkeys this, last and previous three years. Pat Smith is such selfish human being that she’d not help a neighbor if she see him (or her) dying so we are very happy to see her resigning.

    Pat Smith is also a sick harasser. She thinks that because she uses her harasser lawyer Adrain J Adams, and other third parties, she is not connected. Not so fast dear!

    Did you know that Pat harassed her upstairs neighbor, and forced this medically challenged women to wear headphones when she watch her television?

    Pat Smith is a SNAKE which should never be allowed on the Board fo Directors EVER again!

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    The last comment is true, unfortunately. The neighbor is a sweet lady who is a renter and also "suffers" from a hearing impediment. She is very functional and this impediment does not interfere with her daily activities. Pat did bring this woman into tears though and it should have been handled in a more civil manner. We are waiting now for Pat Smith to finally "kick the bucket". She will not be missed.

  5. Anonymous12:32 AM

    No question about why SMITH STANLEY BERNARD - Divorced in 1994 Pat (Phifer) Smith, - Pat Smith is trully eveil.

    There are allegation that she lived in her small Cross Creek Village appartment with two brothers HECTOR & Brian BALLADARES.

    While Patricia has the right to privacy, if the allegations about her polygamist relations are true, Pat Smith should be reminded that we are not in Utah.

    As progressive as we like to think ourselves, polygamy is generally considered beyond the pale.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Pat Smith is most certainly the trickiest and most perfidious trickster in this complex, perhaps rivaled only by David Mcgrath who we all know from his days of knocking on our doors and lying to us that he will reduce our dues by $50.00 just to make us sign his papers.