Jan Meldola
The Government is duly investigating David A McGrath and his patsies' Brian and Meldola's illegal acts of abuse and discrimination in housing. The Government is keeping the CCV HOA and The HOA Board President David (see the "laughing man" above), under watch because reportedly David and Brian Martin conspired with Jan Meldola, (women stuck in floaters to the right), to deny rights, slander with flayers and harass employees and honest residents who protested their swindling machinations at this 532 units condo complex in Playa Del Rey, CA.  This group also conspired to omit disclosing important financial information, which the law requires. Especially the information about their gross overpayment of contractors!

THREATS AND HARASSMENT: To silence protest this group of three improperly used HOA fines and other means of harassment and repression of certain HOA Board candidates during and prior to election, to corruptly retain control of the HOA Board of Directors.  - Look at that happy smile above… the single life is great once you conspire against your neighbors and you believe that you can play by your own set of rules to disadvantage of others!

Based on reliable sources at the CCV HOA, David, Jan and Brian have also conspired to fire DMS Janitorial company and hire David's Buddy for the job, after female DMS Employee reported David was sexually harassing her to our manager.  In doing so they have acted above the scope of their authority given by The HOA Governing Documents and will for that reason and more be personally liable for legal cost, etc. 

If anyone at Cross Creek Village hears even a "whisper of a threat" (inside joke for lawyers) from DAVID or his CHEERERS, Brian Martin and Jan Meldola, regarding public comments made on discussed matters, know that the law protects those engaged in public debate. It's called SLAPP, and it could break DAVID'S GROUP if he and his pesky supporters get frisky again.

 Brian Martin
If found guilty, we should insist that Brian Martin, Jan Meldola and David McGrath pay fine out of their own pockets, instead of burdening HOA with cost of their bad and abusive acts.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: If Brian Martin and Jan Meldola don't like Public Comments, about the disservices their group has done to our community by following David's path, they are welcome to pack up their cheer skirt and pom poms and resign today, along with David. It simply isn't necessary to endure the losses ahead!

Email us at  if you're threatened in any or are in any way exposed to unfair or disparate treatment.


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    What an ugly women that "JAN"! You can tell she is mean by the way she smile fake... sure she has money to take trips when this Group overpays contractors and takes likely kickbacks under the table... why are they not investigated or in jail!

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I saw that baldheaded bully in the clubhouse sucking up to lazy guards…. What a freak, he thinks he is KOJAK walking around all spread out like he owns the place.

    No wonder why no one except legendary HOA exploiter Sandra Kraden wants to serve on the Board….

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    JAN MELDOLA FAMILY REUNION picture is very cool. She and her cousin really have the same smile…LOL!

  4. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Brian Martin is just a brainless freak! This man has no brain and cannot think for himself. He is just David's bully who goes around the complex and intimidates women and members who own dogs – he frighten me and my dog and I wish I never see this guy again!