David A. McGrath
        The laughing man on the picture, David McGrath, (an avid gambler and "thanks to HOA election fraud" a current HOA Board President) knows that the wheels of justice move slowly.... and that is what he counting on as, one can infer, he proceeds along with his next scam... or should we say a "Concept"?

       After waiting for emplyees to leave THE MUST restaurant, under the cover of darkness, at about 2:45a.m. on July 4th, 2010 David McGrath broke in and entered, without permission, into popular Down Town Wine Bar & Restaurant called THE MUST. According to too many online and TV reports (click on the link above and the KTLA link below) and Court Filed documents, David McGrath came with a moving truck and took away everything he could from inside the thriving business; tables, chairs, food, wine even napkins and china!!! What a daring crook!?!  David deliberately ransacked and destroyed a thriving business owned by two female owners. David also ruined 18 jobs that literally fed that many families!!! 

          In your opinion, is the person who does such horrible thing the person we can trust with our money?  And what about his two supporters, Jan and Brian, who keep David on the Board of Directors? Can we trust this "3-some" on the HOA Board with our joint equity, which for the reason known to them they spread throughout numerous secretly opened HOA accounts, without ANY notice to members?

         This Down Town LA saga is fueled by CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, CONVERSION and THEFT, which we also believe is what is going on here at The Cross Creek Village HOA. We believe this to be true based on THE HARD FACTS that David's lawyer Raymond Szu received over $93,000 from HOA, while his other man, Ron Culver, the Architect receiving over $100,000 for drawings we did NOT need, while HIS preferred contractor, H.A.S. Construction, received over $300,000 based on the invoices padded with funny "supervision fees" and other over the market "bloatware" WE DON'T NEED! 

Ironically, after so many warnings we heard about him at our HOA, David A McGrath, is sued elsewhere under the UNLIMITED JURISDICTION OF THE SUPERIOR COURT [ Case# BC441922 ] also for CONVERSION, THEFT (Penal Code § 496), TRESPASS, NEGLIGENCE, CONSPIRACY, N.I.E.A., and more. 
LAWSUIT: The paragraph 29 of the complaint reads as follows:
29. In taking, wrongfully possessing, and detaining the property described above, the New-Tenant Does' (David A. McGrath) conduct was willful and was intended to cause injury to R City in that New-Tenant Does took R City'S property secretly, at night over a holiday weekend with full knowledge of the impact that such removal would have on R City's business and the welfare of its principals and employees. R City is therefore entitled to an award of exemplary damages.

STAY TUNED AS DAVID'S FRAUD AND THEFT CAUSED COURT SAGA UNFOLDS! As one of the readers wrote in LA Blog, "This script is only beginning as the new summer blockbuster Monster movie starts. Starring David McGrath!" 
     "This story is huge because it has drama, injustice, and one heck of a fabulous villain...click here to read the article.."

Click here for KTLA's TV coverage describing David's Act ... Watch this video and see what David did under disguise of darkens during the Independence day holiday weekend. This is the type of behaviour HOA General Manager, Mark Montgomery, was warning us repeatedly about when he said, loud and clear, David's dishonest and illegal acts are causing substantial damage to our HOA. Please note that at the time when "robbery" was reported reporters did not know David's name and that David McGrath is the perpetrator. To hide his involvement, David deceptively gave police fake name to avoid  criminal charges for grand theft, conversion, etc, which instead got filed against Julie Rico, David A. McGrath's alleged partner and co conspirator in this awful "scam".

The Homeowners at Cross Creek Village was forewarned about David's lying in his Election BIO, about his lack of moral and his declared intentions to bring in all his vendors and collect kickbacks.... now just think, if David is capable of braking in and destroying a women-owned businesses in the middle of the night for the sake of making money, what is David going to do at Cross Creek Village HOA after he and Jan Meldola opened number of new accounts and commingled founds without any records in the HOA Board Meeting minutes?

CONFLICT OF INTEREST:  In the above stated lawsuit David is represented by his personal and (also) HOA lawyer Raymond Szu (click on the link!) Since this is truly inappropriate, one of our great homeowners asked, will perfidious Jan Meldola, HOA treasurer and one of David's two supporters, write HOA checks to Raymond Szu for work done on David's case but camouflaged as service done to HOA?   Think for a moment,... in your opinion, what is David likely to do with the access to our HOA money when no one is watching and at the time when Jan Meldola, his next door neighbour, is admitting to writing checks at her own unit using QuickBooks, which goes against all Accounting Safeguards?

 Comment #2:     "David's adventures as the unpopular president of his homeowners association reminds me, that Julie Rico (co-defendant) has at last found her soul mate. It would make a good movie, ala The Grifters."

 Obviously, DAVID'S BAD REPUTATION is growing and is stretching wide from Inglewood, CA to Down Town Los Angeles, where David's recent villain acts will clearly NOT be tolerated!

LAWSUIT UPDATE: On October 29, 2010 Judge Rico issued a Writ of Possession against David McGrath directing County Sheriff to seize from David about $100,000 worth of possessions he robed from two female owners in the middle of the night and whose business David in cold blood ransacked during July 4th National Holiday.

This is what one reader had to say: "....but don't forget the compelling story of Chef David McGrath's ambitious step forward. From grinding out discount surf-and-turf specials at the racetrack casino, he's now poaching eggs and mixing applesauce in pancake batter. What an exciting career move!"
Do you believe that David brought in all his vendors to work for HOA because he likes the HOA or because he likes the kickbacks that comes with vendors who loves to be paid OVER THE MARKET?
As always, Your Comments are welcomed!


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Sandy Kraden is HOA's current Secretary. As Sandy Kraden attended many CAI courses and is very skillful in HOA shenanigans, we believe that Sandy will stick around and be ready to take over.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM


  3. Julie and David can now create a new concept of “jailer dogs” and “penitentiary pups” after she and he are arrested for the multiple counts of fraud and grand theft that await her.

    But remember that Sid Carter and new owner David A. McGrath a.k.a. David Holtzman are also equal partner in this fraud and theft.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Out of 532 Units at Cross Creek Village we have only one dozen or so people who wants to serve on the Board "without (legal) compensation".

    The question is what they know thatt we don't and why they want to "serve"?

    We believe that the answer is because they know how to steal and we believe this to be true based on the fact that according to the HOA recent audit the HOA is $5Mill plus short in reserve account due to overpayments of contractors and other acts of squandering.

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    To me is clear that McGrath is in (the HOA Board Game) for the perks and kickbacks, otherwise he will not zealously lie in his bio to be the "Casino and Luxury Hotel Manager" and bang on the homeowners' doors during the Election last year.

    Judging from the experiance, this gentleman will never spend a second of his own time on you or anyone else in this complex if he had no direct interest in doing so. Please beware from now on if McGraht wants to talk to you, watch out, he is most likely "selling you" his story as you are some kind of naive, five-years-old!!!

    David McGrath’s flow is his arrogance and the opinion that he is smarter than you and that he can use you and take advantage of yuo for his own purpose as long as he wants, without giving you anything valuable in return.

    Davin McGraht hurt MANY people. Don't make his list!

  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    The MASTER CROOK, David A. McGrath of Cross Creek Villge got booted by his putz Raymond Szu who apperently did not like the fact that no more CCV checks were coming his way ...LOL!

    Tweo gamblers, David and Raymond Szu stopped going along once the homeowners checks stoped comming.... Shame on you CCV Board for allowing the crook such as David to take advantage of inocent owners!