Accused for Theft David McGrath Receives Cold Foot From Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

   Did elected by fraud, former CCV HOA Board president, David McGrath, use any Cross Creek Village HOA money to purchase a Down Town Hot Dog Restaurant called  Weeneez at 500 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles? 
David A. McGrath 

Did Brian Martin help him steal Homeowners money? Did Janice Meldola help David bring in his vendors to overcharge our HOA so they can collect kickbacks? Those two (Martin and Meldola) allegedly helped David harass CCV owners they did not like. They also voted to allow David to violate HOA Bylaws by allowing him to keep his ugly red sofa on his balcony. They also changed the Election Rules to allow themselves, and not the voters, to chose who is going to serve on the Board. In the same time this "gang" of power hungry board members, who support each other's positions on the Board, fined others indiscriminately, as part of their vindictive agendas against residents who opposed their abuse.

Using HOA founds, for their own purpose, they printed and distributed fraudulent flayers and used security guards under their control to post them all over the complex. McGrath reportedly terrorised 75 yr old HOA manager with antisemitic emails. McGrath also threatened violence against certain HOA members who spoke with foreign accent. McGrath used HOA money to pay his lawyer, Raymond Szu, to defend him from multiple Restraining Orders. And who came as his "I will say anything" witness!  BRIAN MARTIN!

Those two helped McGrath intimidated, fine and harass residents arbitrarily and allowed David to allegedly sexually harass janitorial employee of Hispanic national origin. It was reported in Media that this reported "thief", David A. McGrath, who in the dead of the night broke in  THE MUST restaurant and took over $100K worth of possessions of others, changed Weeneez's name to Stray Cat Cafe and gave the Police wrong last name to conceal his identity in their crime investigation. Guess who his lawyer is in this case? Raymond Szu; The same lawyer the HOA use and pays legal bills!

Lets review some known facts. Prior to joining the HOA Board, in Summer of 2009, this prolific trouble maker was driving a beat up Honda Civic with a busted up front bumper.  David the gambler, as he was also known at Cross Creek Village was constantly crying how deep in debt he was.  After he got on the HOA Board and after he was assisted by two of his close cohorts, Brian Martin and Jen Meldola (read about those two below), David brought in to fleece us, all his "overpriced vendors", against the HOA CC&R's and our By Laws, including his buddy janitor who did not have a company, let alone a required valid license! 

With help of Brain and Meldola, David also hired Ronald Culver who still fleeces the HOA using his buddy HASS Construction, Inc and collects unreasonable "supervising fees".

Barely an year after he managed to get on the HOA Board, David McGrath, the destroyer of  THE MUST restaurant and the defendant in the lawsuit for theft, managed to pay over $200,000 for Weeneez Hot Dogs restaurant! 

Cross Creek Village HOA members, if not from CCV member's paid HOA dues and vendors kickbacks , where did so much money come from all of the sudden? We believe that with help of Janice Meldola, HOA treasurer, McGrath utilised his access to CCV bank accounts and kickbacks from overpaid vendors, which he hired at above the market cost in exchange for  what else if not kickbacks? Stingy as he is known to be, McGraht never to our knowledge ever overpaid anyone who worked at his house so why is he, with the help of  Janice and Brian, overpaying vendors under his control?  If you have different explanation, please write to !

Accordingly, David McGrath is now sued for POSSESSION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY, THEFT, CONCEALMENT, CONSPIRACY, INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE WITH ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE, NEGLIGENT INTERFERENCE, which is self-explanatory. [See LA County Superior Court Case# BC441922 - Reads more below].

In February 2011, the LANC Board members denounced McGrath's trick/s and ruled against David's repugnant "middle of the nights" braking and entry in THE MUST restaurant. To give him a message that his bad acts will not be tolerated.  The City's Board properly turned his request for liquor license down  to protect the members of the Los Angeles Down Town Community.

Nevertheless, thanks to reckless support of JAN MELDOLA, BRIAN MARTIN and SANDRA KRADEN, Cross Creek Village members end up paying "inflated prices" for the construction work done by McGrath's ["Captain Steal some stuff in the middle of the night"] choice of vendors, such as Architect Ron Culver, and his construction vendor HASS Construction.

The inflated prices paid was EVEN MORE  then what we paid to certifiably bad HOA manager "Neda Firouz's connection", the shoddy contractor ETAN BINO;  Thanks to Brian Martin and Janice Meldola, the corrupted HOA Board paid $66,000 for repair of the staircases, which multiple reputable contractors offered to fix  for $30,000 and this borders criminal! Clearly, we the homeowners are the victims of the Board Members' Ripoff and are entitled to compensation in the amount of damages such negligent hiring had caused us.

As mentioned above, we believe that David McGrath purchased the share of the "Stray Cat Caffe" from Julie Ricco in Down Town Los Angeles, using  our HOA money filtered out of the massive spending on overpaid construction including flat out ugly metal handrails mounted on top of the wooden handrails. Did you ever see such UGLY and UNNECESSARY addition in any decent HOA complex? NO!

The HOAMcGrath's vendors are hired illegaly without a signature of the HOA Secretary Masao Kitamura. Kitamura, who rarleyl came to Board meetings refused to sign those for a good reason.

There is overwhelming evidence that McGrath caused harm detriment of the HOA members. From hiring his buddy Janitor who didn't even have a company at the time of the hiring oto his gambler lawyer friend Raymond Szu, David brought in one by one his buddies as vendors to tap the HOA accounts.

Click here to read what an Article on "LA Blogger" says!)

"Approximately 20 members of the public turned up to oppose McGrath's plans, with most speakers citing the manner in which McGrath gained possession of the bar space as their primary objection."

Sara Jones said: "Based on several documents that were made public about the whole Must issue that were passed out during the meeting, it would be hard for David McGrath to get any support from DT residents."

Casey said: So basically, of the entire council, only one person thought that Captain "Steal some stuff in the middle of the night" should be allowed to sell alcohol at this location ( I will not mention this person's name).  Everyone else either stood up firmly against it, or said they would NOT endorse it. The endorsement is what he (David A McGrath) was asking for.

Cross Creek Village HOA is also sued because of  David McGrath , Brian Martin and Janice Meldola. Because of them, the HOA is likely to accrue future loses and suffer perils we don't deserve.

David and his group (Brian Martin, Jan Meldola and Sandra Kraden) are not the people we can or should trust  to handle our HOA money! 


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    We have established already that McGrath is the CROOK. To say more would be to pain the lily.

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    The cartoon character looks 100% like David McGrath LOL ... HO-HO-HO!

    Thank you for making us aware about stealing in HOA. We shell all join and sue this crooks who obvious to an idiot steal from us all.

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Jan Meldola is one ugly and lonely woman that no one wants to be a friend with. This was true now and was true many years ago.

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    McGrath is obviously a big thief and so are his partners in crime, Meldola and Martin, who are clearly guilty for allowing this to happen! Those crooks even allowed McGrath to run in the election again so he can use HOA money for his legal expenses!

  5. Anonymous10:32 AM

    That's outrageous!