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President Reagan coined the term "VOO DOO Economics". More recently, we Californian's have heard the term "Enron-itis".

HOA Fraud Investigations News Services"CREATIVE" Accounting also known as "Cooking the Books" is alive and well in California Homeowner Associations. Residents are being victimized by Enron-like fraudulent accounting practices as board members and managers conceal, hide and cover up stealing, gross negligence and failure to comply with Section 1366 of the California Civil Code.

All over Southern California HOA reserve trust fund accounts have been raided and in fact depleted for such frivolous and fool hearty endeavors as construction defect quality cyclical maintenance and repair projects, slipshod and fly by night Board Member's vendors, litigation to line the pockets of HOA lawyers to clean up the debacles created by the previously referenced projects and vendors, and overlooking stealing, embezzlement and gross mismanagement of HOA trust funds.

David McGrath and his "Cheer Group"  featuring one Brian Martin and Jan Meldola, the only 2 attending Board Members during recent Election (everyone else refused to be associated with this group),  made sure that no less then $53,000 of our money goes to David's lawyer Raymond Szu for his attempts to illicitly change our Bylaws under false pretext that he is changing the "Rules" and to harass a member whose right to be seated as a Board Member has been corruptly and unlawfully denied. Mr. Szu is very capable gentlemen. He is not only a lawyer but also a passioned and seemingly professional gambler who regularly plays in Poker tournaments for money.  To find out how successful he is in changing employers and his Poker game, Google his name to believe what's you'll see.

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  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Daytime, David McGrath “flips hamburgers” for living at Inglewood Casino but at night he cooks HOA books to hide the checks he wrote to himself and his freshly hired vendors. Brain Martin supposed to watch him but Brian cannot figure out what David is doing event if David gives him the script “How to misappropriate HOA founds and have the idiots supports you”. That’s Brian. For as long as he can go home and say: Honey, David is gonna make me Vice President this year, I going to be a very important person”, he does not care!

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Are you people "freaking" kidding me!!!! This board has been in office a little over a year. They have so much to do to "UNDO" the corruption from the previous board. How anyone could get on their soap box and condemn this board after letting the last one run wild for over 15 years, must be missing a piece of the "OLD POT". Talk about "STEALING THE HOME OWNERS BLIND"!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    The first poster might have the stronger point. No one “let” the old Board run wild. The corrupt Group around Sandra Kraden a.k.a. “Old Bags” just seized power, “milked the cow” for years and throw money on unscrupulous lawyer Adams to intimidated those who ask questions. Then in cahoots with Neda Firouz’s contractor BINO, the “Old Bags” ripped the place out...wasn't this the true story?

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    First term they are elected. Second Term they are indicted … and the third term they are convicted. Is this where you want to go by not supervising what the “volunteers” are doing?

  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    David McGrath, a petty gangsta’ from the streets of Philadelphia, watched that saga attentively, asked many questions about the money and how he can do the same, then start attacking “old bags” with flyers and smear campaign for no other reason but to have himself seize all HOA powers under the clever pretext that he will be saving us money.

    What a joke for stupid! David is copying to the letter and applying ‘EACH AND EVERY” trick he learned from Neda Firouz using help from “beefy boy” Brian Martin who enjoy to be the part of something. Ah, there is also Jen Meldola. Lonely old women who on “My Face” calls herself “a cat person”. Jen was known at the complex for many years as Sandra's patsy and now she is all important.

  6. Anonymous9:20 AM

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!

    Sandra Kraden, Nina Peltonna and Susan Reach recently reported at one of their meeting how they caught David and his Group misappropriating substantial amount of HOA money.

    They overpaid nearly $48,000 to “HASS Constraction and Ron Culver Architect” and David aranged over $58,000 to go to a Santa Clarita lawyer who he couldn't afford before getting on the HOA Board. Reportedly they are connected through “Inglewood Casino” and their mutual habit of gambling.

    Happy 4th!

  7. Anonymous9:24 AM

    They are all bunch of swindlers. If they are not they would not waste their time fighting like tigers to keep the power.

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    No one likes this people. You know they are CROOKS when you see them. They smile at you but their smile is fake.

    They are all bunch of swindlers. If they are not they would not waste their time fighting like tigers to keep the power.

  9. Anonymous9:32 AM

    David is a CROOK. He was running for the Board on the platform of “transparency” and is now not letting anyone see any documents because he is writing himself HOA checks for "reimbursment". He must think we are all stupid. People do not want to fight Crooks and the Crooks are taking advantage. We beleived Brian is honest but he is no better then the others.

  10. The Crystal Island HOA in Huntington Beach with only 7 homes. Never shown the books or records to date since since started in 2002. The President, a Neighbor let the insurance lapse when the Exist gate motor came off the ground and a 4000lbs gate total my car. With a neighbor witnessing the entire accident. I warned them about the faulty gate for over a year. Not only did they not reimburse me, they got the HOA Attorney to attack me and protect him??? At that time I was VP and Quit! ( big mistake ) Than I kept on them for the books and records as were were having up to $12,000 in special Assessments every year for 7 years in a our normal monthly dues. Last year when I again demanded the books & records the President got a TRO against me by prejury!! I am Handicap what am I going to do to him. I fought it.. won, but the Emergency TRO is now on my record. The Attorney David Cane, Esq. that is the mastermind and is a horrible person.
    Once the neighbors saw what happened to me, they now fell in line. No matter where I went to complain it was going to take $25-50,000 dollars to sue.