The Board has 7 members. To get any motion passed you need 4 votes. “Clique of 4” rules the complex. Who is CCV RULING CLIQUE NOW? JONATHAN KOLKEY'S CLIQUE!

JONATHAN KOLKEY – Part Time (Un)employed / Not-Eelected

PAT SMITH – Divorced / Unemployed / Feeds $$$ to lawyers

SANDY KRADEN – Retired / Voted Out in 2004 Board Recall

NINA PELTONAA – Retired / Former Bank Clerk / Major Autocrat

Non of this people care about Homeowners issues. This group only care about power over you and their own supplemental income obtained from contractors. This explains why they fight as tigers to KEEP the unpaid Board Jobs - Remember, the $2.5Mill budget and the checkbook is in their hands! - LET'S ELECT ALL NEW PEOPLE!

SANDY KRADEN was thrown out with FY2003 Board after fraudulent insurance claims and non-kosher dealings with mold contractors was discovered. Croos Creek Lost a lot of money because of Sandy. For the sake of financial health of the Cross Creek Village Sandy KRADEN should never be allowed back on the Board of Directors. She was also not elected. She was brought in by Jonathan Kolkey.

Jonathan Kolkey is the major trouble. He was voted OUT by CCV voters in the last election. Madeleine Short brought him back on the Board in Decemebr in a very undemocratic move. For these who did not learn allready our corrupt Board "president" Madelaine resigned in December. Her bringing Kolkey back was BAD for homeowners.

As you remember, she resigned after alliance of homeowners discovered her bad act of SLEF-DEALING. Reports indicate she did all BAD ACTS in cohorts with Cross Creek Village Manager and Bino Construction. Cross Creek Village lost hundreds of thousands and our reserves are now down to 10%. This group and Neda allegedly called Building Dpt. to "Discover" construction problems to Cause Another Assesment.

Patricia Smith “Chairs” legal matters and deals with lawyers. As a result tens of thousands of our $$$ goes to lawyers every year.The more money goes to lawyers the greater is the “finders fee”. You know what that means... thanks for the work kind of deal. No, we don’t have the copy of her bank statements to prove that, but do you have the proof the God exists? You just know is there and in due time, we was told, the judge can order her (and others responcible) to bring bank statments and their other finacila records in Court.

Nina Peltonaa is known as "loud mouth" but out of 4 member Jonathan's Clique she is considered the most honest. However, since she helps the Jonathan's Clique pass unfavorable motions, she also must go OR repent by disassociating herself publicly from “Jonathan's Clique”. She is also beleived to have certain emotional realtion woth Adrain J. Adams, brigand HOA attorney you can read more about bellow.

Other 3 Board members don’t really count. They are mere decorations like our new resident Barry Edwars. Why? Because they are unable to outvote “The Jonathan Clique”. No, the Alliance did not give Jonathan his nick name "Darkman" these must be his next door neighbors - No one likes this mean man. He is arogant, disrespectful and istalking to himslef while walking - Some kids and young women are scare of him. Feedbacks he got from students is also terible.

CALL FOR ACTION: The CCV Voters needs to throw Jonathan Kolkey Clique Out and go after Bino, Inc to recover hundreds of thousands of our $$$$$.