NEDA FIROUZ is NOT the Property Manager we need to lead us through these difficult times, said a resident who Neda Fioruz ignored in the course of her normal duty while pretending to be on the phone for half an hour!! In only two days OVER THIRTY RESDENTS SIGNED PETITION TO REMOVE NEDA FIROUZ as manager due to her scams with contractors and Neda's rude and disparate treatment of residents.

The petition is still circulation and the Board Recall is set for March 31, 2009. The residents of Cross Creek Village sincerely hope that disloyal manager NEDA FIROUZ, and her Board cohorts named in the Recall Petition will have comm,on sense to resigned to avoid further damages to the association.

The question remains, why was she hired here against the common sence and warning provided by previous employer:

  1.  Neda Firouz was asked to obtain competitive bids but failed to do so.
  2.  Neda Firouz abruptly quit but left no report regarding the status of the association’s affairs.
  3.  It appeared that Ms. Neda Firouz did not deposit certain checks and did not record bills for many weeks  if not months.
  4.  After Ms. Neda Firouz left it was discovered that the SBA loan had not been paid for three months.
  5.  In April 2005, Farmers Insurance Company sent Neda Firouz a reimbursement check for $20,512.69. This check was not deposited into the account it was supposed to be deposited into.
  6.  Neda Firouz failed to give a homeowner a receipt for a check in the sum of $8,0000.00

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