With a taskforce of FBI Agents and Metro Detectives investigating an alleged scam that may have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars, you might think the chief suspects would lay low or get out of town. That is not the case regarding one very large homeowner association which, in just the past few weeks, saw the same suspects return for another bite of the apple.

In the case of Vistana, Murray and others say all five members of the board were tied to Benzer.

The property had numerous defects -- electrical problems, mold -- serious stuff. Quon won a $19 million settlement, but $11 million of that went to the lawyers. $8 million was left over to fix Vistana. That money is now gone yet the problems remain.

"Where did the money go? Right straight to Leon Benzer's attorneys account," said Murray. "He hasn't done one iota of what was supposed to be done. He did patchwork. He did band aids on stuff." - JUST LIKE OUR MANAGER'S CONTRACTOR BINO,INC. Cannot wait to see Federal Agents start locking up thiefs and crooks in our backyard!

Vistana homeowners say Benzer's crews performed some work, mostly cosmetic, worth at most $500,000. But the problems that really needed fixing are still there. However our reserve account is empty and we now need to raise more money by assesment. - Smae SCAM everywhere - SOLUTION: We need better transparency and OPEN BOOKS!